Country Kennel - Dog Boarding Kennel
Daily Outdoor Walking & Exercise

All of our guests are provided with multiple outdoor walking and/or exercise sessions each day.  The time we spend outdoors we feel is consistent with a normal day at home.  On nice days.... the walks and exercise sessions are longer and frequent.  On bad weather days, during the winter, etc.... walks can become shorter and play times reduced, but we always make sure each pet gets out to get an opportunity to "go potty" 3-4 times per day.

Our walking and exercise sessions can consist of anything from on-leash walks throughout our 5.8 acre property, supervised time off-leash in the outdoor pen with the option of play groups when appropriate, or a hike along our 1/2 mile trail that bends through the backside of our property and onto a set of open power lines.

The outdoor pen is a 35'x35' fenced in area with a large tree overhead that provides excellent shade during the summer and is a place where our guests can spend some time off-leash individually or in small groups.

Unfortunately, we lost a second outdoor pen this past winter to a fallen tree.  Instead of replacing this pen we are considering the option of having a much larger portion of our property fenced in to create a pretty substantial outdoor off-leash area.  This decision should be made as spring turns to summer of 2018.