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Kennel Info 

Our priority is that all pets are provided with a safe, clean, relaxed environment when you need to be away from home.  

We understand that every boarding facility and daycare are run differently. We also understand that each dog has a unique personality and different styles of boarding can better suit the needs of different types of pets.

As a home on-site business, we run our facility in a low key manner.  We try to provide a more "at home feel" 
type environment and daily routine.  

With the exception of play times and buddy groups or exercise sessions.... we always try to encourage a more relaxed atmosphere.  An atomosphere that allows for down time and proper amounts of sleep.

Kennel Runs

Seven kennel runs are located inside the back of our home for any guest who may need extra attention. These kennel runs are also where first time/new boarders will stay to help ease the transition into a new environment. 

Kennel runs provide a secure individual space for each pet during non-active/indoor times.  All kennels are the standard traditional size of 4'x6' with raised food and water dish slots. Stainless steel bowls are provided.
We do recommend providing your own dog food to
 avoid short term dietary changes.  

Please feel free to bring along bedding, toys, or additional play-things you feel will help make the transition
 a little easier.